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Thermal Energy Technologies and Hybrid Systems

Portrait Christian  Fink

Christian Fink

Head of department: Thermal Energy Technologies and Hybrid Systems

Portrait Walter  Becke

Walter Becke

Key activities: Solar combi systems, component development

Portrait Jakob  Binder B.Sc.

Jakob Binder B.Sc.

Key activities: Large-scale solar thermal systems, grid-connected heat supply systems

Portrait Dr. Georg  Engel

Dr. Georg Engel

Key activities: Thermal Energy Storage, Simulation

Portrait Alexander  Goritschnig

Dr. Alexander Goritschnig

Key activity: Thermal energy storage (simulation, modeling, conception)

Portrait Robert  Hausner

Robert Hausner

Key activities: Collector development, test methods, monitoring and numerical calculation procedures

Portrait Wim  van Helden

Dr. Wim van Helden

Key activities: Solar thermal storage

Portrait Dagmar  Jähnig

Dagmar Jähnig

Key activities: Heat pumps, thermal energy storage

Portrait Samuel  Knabl, M.Sc.

Samuel Knabl, M.Sc.

Key activities: System engineering of large-scale solar thermal systems

Portrait Rebekka  Köll M.Sc.

Rebekka Köll M.Sc.

Key activities: Closed sorption heat storage for heating and domestic hot water

Portrait Ingo  Leusbrock

Dr. Ingo Leusbrock

Head of unit: On-Grid Energy Supply and System Analysis

Portrait Franz  Mauthner

Franz Mauthner

Key activities: Sustainable energy system planning and analysis, Solar process heat and solar district heating; Energy efficiency in industry;  Statistics on the global solar thermal market and trend analysis

Portrait Sabrina  Metz

Sabrina Metz

Key activities: Biomass plants and district heating systems

Portrait Rudolf  Moschik

Rudolf Moschik

Key activities: System engineering solar thermal systems

Portrait Christoph  Moser

DI Christoph Moser

Key activities: Thermal energy storage, Simulation

Portrait Keith  O´Donovan B.Sc.

Keith O´Donovan B.Sc.

Key activities: Modelling, simulation and control of energy grids with a focus on incorporating renewable energy sources into the heating grid<BR>

Portrait Philip  Ohnewein

Philip Ohnewein

Key activities: Hydraulics and fluid dynamics, Quality assurance and automated control function

Portrait Thomas  Ramschak

Thomas Ramschak

Key activities: Solar thermal components and systems made of polymeric materials, Collector development and numerical calculation procedures

Portrait Harald  Schrammel

Harald Schrammel

Key activities: Biomass plants and district heating systems; Intelligent Operation Monitoring for renewable heat systems

Portrait Gerald  Schweiger

Gerald Schweiger

Key activities: Holistic energy system analysis with focus on methodologies, modeling and simulation of hybrid heat and electricity networks

Portrait Carina  Seidnitzer-Gallien

Carina Seidnitzer-Gallien

Key activities: Energy efficiency, economic evaluation, market development, system analysis

Portrait Monika  Spörk - Dür

Monika Spörk - Dür

Key activities: Management assistance, editorial for the magazine "Nachhaltige Technologien"

Portrait Daniel  Tschopp

Daniel Tschopp

Key activities: Quality assurance and automated functional checks

Portrait Carles   Ribas Tugores

Carles Ribas Tugores

Key activities: Sustainable energy system planning and analysis, Modeling and simulation of network-connected heat supply systems

Portrait François  Veynandt

Dr. François Veynandt

Key activities: Solar thermal energy systems. Heat transfer modeling and simulation. Low tech