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Master Thesis Students

Portrait Basak   Falay B.Sc.

Basak Falay B.Sc.

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria 

Master thesis of the topic: Framework for Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of District Heating Systems

Thesis advisior: Mag MA MA Gerald Schweiger

Portrait Ulrich  Griesbacher

Ulrich Griesbacher

Graz University of Technology, Biotechnology

Master thesis on the topic: Testing and evaluation of a reactor design for the enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic substrate.

Thesis advisor: DI Judith Buchmaier

Portrait Veronika  Hierzer

Veronika Hierzer

University of Applied Sciences Burgenland

Master thesis of the topic: Large solar thermal systems of the topic

Thesis advisior: Walter Becke

Portrait Thomas   Meier B.Sc.

Thomas Meier B.Sc.

Graz University of Technology, University of Graz

Master thesis of the topic:
Meteorological station

Thesis advisior: Reinhard Pertschy

Portrait Hany   Mohammed, B.Sc.

Hany Mohammed, B.Sc.

University of Kassel, REMENA Master Program

Master thesis of the topic: Simulation of a Thermochemical Energy Storage System

Thesis advisior: Dr. Alexander Goritschnig

Portrait Sunirmal   Mukherjee B.Sc.

Sunirmal Mukherjee B.Sc.

University of Kassel

Master thesis of the topic: Analysis and evaluation of innovative solar- assisted heat supply concepts

Thesis advisior: Walter Becke

Portrait Camilla  Neumann, B.Sc.

Camilla Neumann, B.Sc.

Utrecht University

Master thesis of topic: Roadmap for industrial heat supply in combination with emerging process technologies

Thesis advisior:  Christoph Brunner, Jürgen Fluch

Portrait Arpit   Raval B.Sc.

Arpit Raval B.Sc.

University of Kassel

Master thesis of the topic: Experimental Investigation of the performance of an optimized seasonal thermal energy storage prototype

Thesis advisior: Rebekka Köll

Portrait Michael  Reisenbichler B.Sc.

Michael Reisenbichler B.Sc.

University of Graz/Technical University of Graz

Master thesis of the topic: System analysis, evaluation methods and simulation of large-scale solar thermal systems

Thesis advisior: Samuel Knabl

Portrait Thor Alexis   Sazon B.Sc.

Thor Alexis Sazon B.Sc.

European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy "ME3" (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, IMT Atlantique, KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

Master thesis of the topic: Large-Scale Thermal Energy Storage

Thesis Adviser: Dr. Georg Engel

Portrait Christian   Stöger B.Sc.

Christian Stöger B.Sc.

FH-Joanneum, Kapfenberg
Studiengang: Master in Energy and Transport Management

Masterarbeit zum Thema: Experimelle Untersuchung eines innovativen, thermischen Energiespeichersystems im realen Maßstab

Betreuerin: Rebekka Köll, M.Sc.