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Master Thesis: Roadmap for Industrial heat supply in combination with emerging process technologies


AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC) is an independent research association which was founded in 1988. Currently over 60 employees from 8 different nations are working at AEE INTEC. The institute constantly contracts out dissertations, master theses and internships. The activi-ties of AEE INTEC include:

  • fundamental as well as applied research
  • national and international R&D projects
  • cooperation with universities, technical colleges, other research facilities and industry

The three major departments of AEE INTEC are “Thermal Energy Technologies and Hybrid Systems”, “Buildings and Renovation” as well as “Industrial Processes and Energy Systems”.

Research Project

Emerging technologies – chemical and process engineering research is dedicated towards new tech-nologies with highest process efficiency, ideally at low costs and at lowest possible material input. “Produce much more with much less” has been set as paradigm by the researchers active in process intensification.

Next to waste heat recovery, the change in process technologies can be a key to realization of Solar Process Heat projects. While basic activities to estimate the potential of emerging process technolo-gies for solar process heat have been taken up by IEA Task 49/IV on solar process heat, it is necessary to commonly work on a roadmap showing the potential of new process technologies that can be driven by solar. These technologies embrace use of light directly for chemical and other conversion processes (development of point-focus technologies in the design of innovative technology for pro-duction processes) as well as new process designs leading to reduced energy intensity of processes, e.g. reduction of process temperature by means of enhanced heat exchangers or water separation technologies, reducing heat losses and increasing mass and heat transfer and enhancing the integra-tion of waste heat and renewable sources. Further new separation technologies like membrane dis-tillation applied for industrial processes in e.g. galvanic industry or electroplating industry

Master Thesis

Based on literature research the Master Thesis “Roadmap for Industrial heat supply in combination with emerging process technologies“ will be developed. The master student will be involved in a Eu-ropean Research Project “INSHIP” and will be imbedded in a network of more than 30 research insti-tutes in the field of renewable energy for industry.

We expect....

  • a motivated, independent, solution-oriented and creative working attitude
  • interest in industrial production

We offer....

  • Salaried position with a master-thesis embedded in a current international research-project
  • Supervision by experienced researchers and highly qualified technical support
  • Period: Starting now, lasting for 6 months

Contact and further information: Christoph Brunner, Tel +43 (0) 3112 5886-470, c.brunner@aee.at